Saturday, January 11, 2014


Blow me down.  This month's ArtistTable exhibition has my work up front with an Honourable mention.

Signs Of The Times

The exhibition, titled 'Not What Everyone Sees', is an abstract show and I entered four works.

Blue Squares

Red Moon Over The Highway

Three Arches

Abstract is fast becoming my favourite way of working. Frankly, I think it is much more challenging than realist work.  The subject is not in front of you to 'look and put', but your decisions about palette, composition, etc., are similar.

I'm delighted with my Honourable Mention....but there's still the People's Choice prize up for grabs, and that means $$$$s for more art supplies.  Yay!!!!!! (if only)

If you like any of these, you can visit each painting, and vote for it, from the following links:

1. Signs Of The Times

2. Blue Squares

3. Red Moon Over The Highway

4. Three Arches

There is so much more to see at this show...hope you visit and enjoy.


  1. Wow Jo love that. I have voted. They tell me google is fixing my loading problem, it is a pain so I hope it gets fixed soon.

  2. that is fantastic Jo but I'm not one bit surprised. I've always admired your talents! Going to vote now...good luck!

  3. Fabulous Jo, so glad for you, you deserve it. xox

  4. I had a hard time deciding between Blue Squares and Red Moon Over The Highway. I finally chose Blue Squares, but both are awesome.

    The composition of both these pieces spoke to me. My worst design ability, you always seem to know exactly where to place each element. As for color, my best design ability, you always bring something fun and delightful to the canvas.

    I am thrilled for you, but not surprised. You make beautiful abstract art. I actually am becoming more and more fond of it, too.

  5. Go Jo - I have voted for 'Red Moon Over The Highway'!! Love this piece hope all goes the way you wish!! Cheers!!

  6. I was going to say Lucky You! but then I realized luck isn't involved - it's perseverance, it's submitting pieces again and again, it's challenging yourself and moving your art forward, AND, of course, just a smidge of talent doesn't hurt! :) Good on you!

    I adore Red Moon - that composition and use of color is striking and right up my alley - LOVE IT!

  7. Congratulations Jo!!!

  8. I certainly admire your art Jo
    abstract is definitely a mysterious genre to me!

  9. Signs of the Times is my favorite ... Light and airy and exuberant. Voted!

  10. How exciting, congratulations!
    I agree about abstract being more challenging. Painting for life for me is very relaxing, just painting what's in front of me, looking at color, value, etc. While with abstract, there's a lot of decision making going on and thinking, thinking, thinking.

  11. Congratulations!!! All super pieces and I love abstract, my favourite here is by far number 1 and 4
    They have great movement in them.