Friday, January 31, 2014

Talented Friends


A huge number of very talented artists live in this area of Australia.  I'm so lucky we moved here 14 years ago, and fortunate to count some of these people as friends.  Kim Schoenberger   is one of them ...previously a potter, now sculptor and installation artist.

For instance, if you like the above image of parasol and gloves made from recycled, used, teabags, then you must see Kim's latest exhibition 'Expressions Of Love II' at the Noosa Regional Gallery.

Thousands of teabags, collected from all over Australia by her friends, Have been emptied and sewn, or woven, into  items evoking the nostalgia of the work and companionship of women over the centuries.

Kim is nothing if not totally focussed on her objective to shed a light on the history of 'women's work', and has had several exhibitions leading up to this outstanding show.

It opened on Friday evening last, to a huge crowd.

Here I am toasting Kim with my obligatory glass of champagne (photo courtesy of Glen Jeavons)

Do visit her site HERE to see the complete show.  Better still, if you are in the vicinity, visit the's well worth it.


  1. Jo well done and Congrats to Kim again - I contemplated blogging the Exhibition but was over whelmed by the number of Artists and talent that was on display - as a new comer to the Coast I wasn't sure I could do justice to this amazing display of talent and colour - I would have loved to take images of it all and share it - so would encourage anyone who can make it to head to the Noosa Regional Gallery and see this.

    I realise that I have a lot to learn re the number of artists we do have on the Coast - wow!!

  2. What a glorious tea bag umbrella and gloves. Was unable to be at the opening but will make sure I get there before the exhibition ends. Off to Tassie for a week or so now though. Thanks for sharing the photo Jo.

  3. I would love to have been at this exhibition. It would have been great to meet you all too.

  4. that must have been one amazing exhibition Jo! I LOVE the parasol and gloves and especially that Kim used teabags wow! I'm hopping off to check your links now.

  5. Looking forward to clicking your links Jo.
    Kim's work looks really fabulous ... I keep tea bag paper but have only reused some simple ways...what an inspiration her parasol and gloves are!
    Nice photo of you both ... no one ever has to twist my arm to lift a glass of bubbly which happens to be my fav drink ... after water of course ;)

  6. OMGoodness, Jo. I'm sorry I haven't been here sooner, but I'm glad I crawled out from under the covers today and visited. What a perfect way to appreciate T(ea) on my blog today, with Kim's awesome teabags. Thanks so much for pointing the way. These are fantastic. Now I'm off to visit Kim's site. Thank you beyond belief!

  7. What a terrific artist. Thank you for introducing me to her work. It boggles my mind.