Friday, April 25, 2014

International Collage

As you all probably know I participate in The International Collage Exchange every year.  Well, at least for the past 3 years. The Exchange is into its 16th year.

There are two exhibitions online, one of which is a 'selling' exhibition, also gracing the walls of the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, NZ.

My entry for sale:


One of the collages also goes to a permanent collection in a museum or institution.

My collage destined for the permanent collection in the University of Wisconsin, Marshfield, USA:


78 artists participated this year so there is LOTS of inspiration there for budding collagists.  Don't forget to look up the work of Terrie Purkey, my blogging buddy, who has joined up for the first time this year.

Just click HERE to get to the exhibitions.  There are four virtual rooms in each.  To navigate just click on the image to open, then click on it again to close.



  1. Really brilliant works Jo!! You are a true inspiration.

  2. wonderful works Jo. Annette x

  3. JM - you are always out there - and it pays dividends - well done. B

  4. Both are gorgeous!

  5. Great work Jo. Send me some happy brainwaves. Love that. xox

  6. Both are wonderful. You are such an inspiration! I am thinking about submitting to an exhibition soon. And was happy to have recently sold two pieces at a charity auction.

  7. Jo, you amaze me. So cool! I love brainwaves so much and I will probably think about it as I'm trying to do my job today, which is not where my brainwaves are...

    Off to see Terrie now, as I've been horribly remiss with blog reading.