Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's been a while......

....around FOUR months to be exact. Don't know why, I guess life got in the way. Some illness, some home refurbishment, lots of socialising, and many workshops. For instance I did four workshops with my friend Noela Mills.

1- Bookmaking

My first efforts

2- Monoprinting and Chine Colle

3- Repurposed Jewellery

4 - Brush making and mark-making

Noela demonstrating making brushes

My brushes

Marks made with my brushes

 After that I did another online workshop with Carla Sonheim...such fun ! 

Imaginary Creatures 2:

 So, I haven't exactly been least not all of the time.   It's nice to be back.


  1. Lucky you, love those brushes, actually I do love what you do.

  2. Beautiful little books and your jewelry looks fabulous! I'm looking forward to a creative New Year and hope you have one as well!

  3. SO god to hear from you Jo!! I knew you just had to be busy living the creative life and so you have! Love all your examples here. I have been contemplating the Carla Sonheim class for a long time:)Oh, and I LOVE the brushes!

  4. Your creative ventures are all so fascinating.
    You are an artist with many talents Jo!

  5. Wow - Jo a very creative finish to a fine year - wow - love your brushes!!

  6. Well you sure were busy in those 4 months, love your discovery of new things, we need to keep learning and incorporating vibrancy into our work mix don't we. xox

  7. You and me both have been away from blogging. Glad to see you here again and I have to say I'm a bit envious of your classes with Noela! I love her work and follow her blog. Your repurposed jewelry looks amazing and speaks to me as a fun exercise. I have lots of bits and pieces of broken or jewelry I'm tired of that might suit this exercise. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to and Happy New Year.

  8. I'm even later than most who visited. Seems it takes me awhile to wake up to the fact that you have posted.

    I'm in awe of the classes you took. Those books are fantastic. Of course, I really enjoyed the Chine Colle. Did you use a press? You got some wonderful results. The jewelry you created was fun, too. Although I don't wear jewelry, I certainly appreciate well designed pieces. Made from repurposed pieces always makes me smile, too. And of course those brushes looked fun to make, and the piece you created with them is very YOU!!

    I hope you had a fantastic new year, and I hope 2016 brings good health, happiness, and lots of great art.

  9. Hi! I've been absent from blogging for about the same time. You have been wonderfully creative during your absence. Oh my, that jewelry is exquisite; something I haven't tried my hand at (or book making). If we could only get 26 hour days or 8 day weeks, maybe......

  10. Jo,
    I absolutely love the piece you created with the brushes you made!! how wonderfully versatile you have been! Look at all of the fun classes you have been taking and the beautiful art you have been making!
    hugs,Jackie ")
    Welcome back!!

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