Saturday, January 23, 2016


It's that time again...ICE time.  I've sent my collages to NZ already, but perhaps will give you a preview of some.





 It's been a little difficult to get stuff done.  A week before Xmas I tripped and, presumably, sprained my ankle.  Had an Xray at the local hospital which was inconclusive.  After walking around (painfully) for a month an ultrasound and MRI revealed that I had a fracture.  Silly me.

Am now in a moonboot....clumsy, but safe.  Still not too good at being on my feet for long, but getting there....AND am painting again....hoo-bloody-ray!


  1. Your collages are wonderful, as usual. And then....a broken ankle??? Bummer. But, I'm glad it wasn't serious and that you're mobile again. Whew!

  2. Oh Jo what a pain. At least you know what the problem is. Love your collages, especially the first two.

  3. Another fabulous group!!! Good on you Jo. xox

  4. Your collages always impress and inspire me, Jo. I love Denial and Mapping the Galaxy the best, I think, because they both spoke to me.

    OH wow. I can't believe you were in so much pain for so long, and have finally learned about the fracture. I can just see you wearing one of those boots, because I have a friend who has one, too. I'm so glad you are back in your studio, though. That makes me smile!

  5. brilliant collages Jo! Can't believe you didn't get the right diagnosis and treatment right from the start but glad you went again and can recuperate. Happy painting and moon walking:)

  6. glad they finally figured it out... a similar situation with my sister... she was walking around with a broken leg. for a good week... nice collage work, enchantress is wonderfully disturbing.. :D

  7. Your collages really draw me in Jo!
    Each one has a story to unfurl.
    That is a long time for you to be in pain.
    Hope your moonboot does the trick for you and and quick like!
    Great that you are painting...sometimes we have to pace ourselves.

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