Saturday, February 6, 2016


GET REAL is the title of a new online exhibition at Virtual Tart NZ, in which I have three works. It is a collaboration of 30 artists from around the world.

My slant on the title is "Get Real.....why?  From my point of view, art is more interesting the less real it is.  I like to stretch the interpretation of my subject just a little"

For instance:

TWO KOOKAS - acrylics 10" x 10" on wide-edge stretched canvas

There is such a diversity of work in this show, it is DEFINITELY worth a look....AND many are for sale.

Click  HERE.


  1. I went to look and you're right....there's a huge range of styles and topics. As I scrolled through, I spotted yours right away. Love the cityscape and, of course, your abstract was immediately recognizable. Good work, as usual. And, thanks for the kind comments on my sketching beginnings.

    I read something today that struck home that reinforces the concept practice, practice. Essentially it said that when beginning an artistic endeavor, your skill level won't match your taste level and most people can't stand the flaws so get discouraged and quit. That's what I've done in my previous efforts to draw. Conversely, those who continue for 1 year, 2 years and more, see their skill level match their taste and become satisfied and proud of their work. That's where I'm headed. I'm going to be the proof that "an old dog CAN learn new tricks!"

  2. I agree with you, get real, what for. Keep doing your thing!!! xox

  3. Wow Jo, talk about diversity! Thanks for the link.
    Your Kookoos really are wonderful. Their eyes just sing with fun!
    I hope all is well. xo Carole

  4. Your view is definitely wonderful and so unique Jo!

  5. Although I;m late getting here, I also took a look at the diversity of the group. Yours is wonderful and your Kookoos make me believe ANY art is truly possible. Thanks for being a great inspiration.

  6. Awesome work Jo, and what a great show!

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