Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rejected...but not dejected...

If you can't handle rejection, for heaven's sake give up art!  I have had many works rejected for shows in the past, but not so much lately. This painting was not accepted for the local Regional Gallery 'Local Artist Local Content' show last week.

Tooway After The Rain
60 x 60 cm on canvas

I think I've been off my best game this year, for various reasons. Usually tho' there are better artists than I am in the 'rejected' it's hard to feel too bad about it.

With every downer, there is usually an upper.... as in this case. The day after this event I sold TWO works privately.

Mixed media on Canvas

Mixed media on paper

It's not all bad.


  1. It's not anything at all bad! You're right about art and's intimidating to put yourself out there! Good on you for continuing to create and continuing to submit! Congrats on the sales!

  2. Up one moment down the next, at least you are being productive

  3. You are so right! You have to get used to rejection as an artist... And when you are comfortable with it, it happens less and less!

  4. Cool Jo, congrats on the sales. It's always a balance. xox

  5. Life is all about ups and downs isn't it.
    AND there really is not accounting for taste.
    Happy September Jo.
    I stepped away from the computer for a bit and missed alot.

  6. I've been so busy with hosting a blog this month, I didn't have a chance to play catch up till now. I can see why both of these sold. I like both and especially Investigation. It was fabulous.

    I've never put my art out there, because I know it's not as good as that created by others. When I feel it's ready, I'll try for acceptance, too. I'm so glad your two sales outweigh the rejection.

  7. Hi Jo! Haven't been out perusing the art world in weeks and wanted to check in and see what you have been up to. Always an inspiration! "Eight" is speaking to me. :)

  8. Congrats on the sales, Jo! Those 2 pieces are truly amazing; I'm completely in love with Investigation - too bad it's already sold! As for not getting into juried shows, you're right, you have to learn to let the rejections roll off your back, and I think we've all had plenty of practice at that. I was just rejected from a show that had over 400 applicants, and they only chose 50, so the odds are overwhelming against getting in... All I can do is keep trying, but I don't enter many because it costs so much to ship the artwork. Your work is wonderful, so keep on plugging away!

  9. JM - sales are always a grand boost - and Investigation is a worthy piece. B

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