Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hooked on paper....

Often I go into my studio planning to paint, but then I catch sight of a piece of interesting paper.  That's it for the day! I just love moving bits of paper around to make an interesting (I hope) collage.





Mind you, I do get as far as the easel occasionally and have been working on a painting of a friend's dogs.  Here is the work in progress......still on the easel.



  1. You have been very productive Jo.

  2. Great to see your work again - I haven't been blogging much, but I still check in on my buddies.....I seem to gravitate more to Instagram and FB these days. Anyway, love the collages, particularly Contrast - those colors! And your painting - wow! (or should that be bow-wow? :))

  3. Really digging the dogs, Jo. You are indeed a wonder.

  4. Wonderful collages, Jo; I like how playful and free they seem. Also loving the dogs - their expressions seem to reveal personalities, which I'm sure your friend will enjoy!

  5. Your collages always look like the pieces were meant to go together, even though they are quite disparate. I'm so glad you shared these, because I want to try a few new things, and I might try moving papers around, too. You are such an inspiration.

    The dogs are a gem. Each is unique in its own way. Your friend is going to LOVE this.

  6. I can totally relate to the allure of bits of paper.
    AND what you do with them in your collages is always a delight Jo.
    REMEMBER really strikes an extra cord with me for lots of reasons.
    That is a brilliant painting in the works that will surely mean the world to the owners.
    Happy October! oxo

  7. I completely agree, that is how I went from painting to collage.. I still paint, but there is something so enticing about paper.. Remember is awesome and what a great WIP!

  8. Hi Jo!! Catching up on the art blog world. Always love your collages. Fits of passion is perfection but I really like 5 as well. Corrugated cardboard always does it for me.

  9. Hi Jo! Loooove those dogs! Beautiful collage work also, as usual. You are so talented! I agree with Cathy - 5 is my favorite too. :)

  10. I certainly do know the feeling of being inspired by that one little scrap of paper. All of these are wonderful, but I think I like the top one best - such yummy materials and the composition is very strong. I'm also very taken by the dog painting; you can see their personalities in their eyes and faces.

  11. Sending warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas, and much health and happiness for 2017.


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