Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Small changes

I recently thought I'd completed a small mixed media piece...but no.  It sat around the studio for a little while and, each time I caught sight of it, I just knew I wasn't happy. Naturally I had to alter it, but not a lot.

NEWS FROM THE EAST (version 2)

NEW FROM THE EAST (version 1)

Now that I see them both together, it is obvious that I did the right thing. Adding the cooler purple gave it more punch, and the asemic writing in the top right fits with the title.

Was I right? 


  1. Yes, much more balanced. Hope you wanted balance, I always do.

  2. Oh wow - YES YES YES - you were right. This is sooo uniquely done Jo. SPLENDID. j.

  3. I agree; the changes are an improvement. The lighter color on the left is much better than the golden/tan before; I love the addition of the asemic writing; the black "comb" shape in the first version was distracting and didn't seem to quite fit - the dots and added mark making look fab. Another beauty!

  4. I like the colors of both versions, Jo. I think the addition of the asemic writing in the top right looks great, but for my liking you've added too much white dots on the left side. I would have added for example a coin or a coin stamp or something else entirely typical asian.

    Gaby xo

  5. I like them both! and fun to see them both!!

  6. Brilliant addition of purple to give this piece a perfect flow!

  7. Yes I have to agree even though I like them both Jo.
    That purple along with the writing is super.
    I am a big fan of DOTS and really like what they bring to the left side of your piece as well.
    Lovely creation Jo

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