Tuesday, May 30, 2017


As an 'artist' one must get used to having one's work rejected from various exhibitions. Fortunately it happens less as time goes on....until this year.  I seem to have had rejection upon rejection.  Perhaps I'm losing the plot?

rust-dyed muslin, waxed cord, painted and found papers, acrylic
on 20 x 20 x 3.5 cm wooden panel

painted and found papers, acrylic
on 20 x 20 x 3.5 cm wooden panel

These two works were submitted for the Lethbridge 10000, but not hung in the Gallery (first time for four years that I've missed out).  Mind you, am in their 'online' selection, but it's not the same as being 'hung'.  
It's a little disappointing start to the art show season but hey, I paint and collage because I'm obsessed and can't stop, AND because it's the thing I most love to do.

Onward and upward.......


  1. Onward and upward is right Jo. I so admire your art including these pieces (first one is my fave!)and tho it is disappointing don't let that deter you from doing what you love and sharing it with others. Now get back into the studio:)

  2. They are FOOLS, Jo. I love both these pieces. The rust dyed fabric had my heart going pitter patter. And because I'm trying to learn abstract art, the second one spoke to me, too.

    So I'll say it again. They are fools. You make fabulous art. And I'm thrilled to know that the rejection hasn't slowed you down or disillusioned you. A small consolation, but you are an inspiration to me,

  3. They have no taste! I love, love these pieces. Don't stop doing what you love. Hugs.

  4. I feel your bewilderment and sense of rejection, trying to figure out objectively why your pictures weren't hung, comparing previous years' successes, etc. All you can do is keep on keeping on, sharing your work, and enjoying the process. You have skill, tenacity, and enthusiasm. And you have US! 😘

  5. Hi Jo, I'm with you totally!
    Last year I was rejected time and time again, so vowed not to enter exhibitions this year - I lasted about 3 months, and I'm applying for everything again - like you, ART is what I do and what gives my life purpose.
    I think 'the selectors' are going more for the experimental, conceptual stuff which is often not our 'cup of tea' - wrong generation!!!!!
    Keep on keeping on :)

  6. Hi, Jo! It must be going around; I too was rejected from also everything I applied for in the last year! I was asking myself the same question - what am I doing wrong? But I can only be true to my own path, and trying to figure out 'what they want' is an exercise in futility - I know, I've tried it! I absolutely LOVE these pieces and have no clue why they would be rejected. As far as I can see, your work keeps getting better, so don't give up!

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