Saturday, April 2, 2011

13th International Collage Exchange

At last! The ICE exhibitions are up and running. View them here. The selling exhibition will be on display at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford NZ. The museum collection is going to The Learning Connexion, an International art institute which is building a new premises, and gallery, north of Wellington NZ.

I am pleased to have work in both exhibitions.

Moon/Earth 1 -  (selling Exhibition)

Moon/Earth 4 -  (museum collection)

This has been a very exciting project for me, and will be even more exciting in May when I receive my package of exchange collages from these very talented people.


  1. wow!! that is so cool! perhaps one day i'll get to put my work in an exhibition too :) both pieces are wonderfully fascinating. love the mesh wire on the first piece!

  2. I have participated in Dale's collage exchange in past years but did not make it this year-- glad you got so much from the experience- your collages are wonderful.

  3. Sounds like a fun exchange. And congrats on having your work in an exhibition, that's great.

  4. Thanks Luthien, Donna, and Jane. Love getting feedback, it's all very encouraging. The collage exchange has been a wonderful experience and will certainly do it again next year... why don't you join me?

  5. I really like moon/earth. The exchange is fantastic isn't it? A great opportunity for collage artists.