Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration At Home

While I am still painting, painting, painting,  there are no completed works to photograph right now. Soooooo I thought I'd share some photos I've taken in my backyard.  Having a large block of land is a joy, and occasionally a burden.  While it takes a bit of maintenance there are sometimes wonderful surprises when you least expect it.

Such as these gorgeous funghi:

Some research revealed that the second photo is of 'bridal veil funghi'... an apt name don't you think?

Another joy is the proliferation of native birds. I feed them wild bird seed.  Only enough to tempt them back, but not enough to sustain them, so that they continue to find their natural sources of food.

While this is not a 'great' photo, I keep it aside because I love the movement and think it might make the basis for a future painting.  I call it "Galah Confrontation".

Ah well, back to the studio. There is much to do.


  1. wow!!! the funghi are beautiful and my ... what gorgeous colors the birds wear! no human made art can challenge nature's art!

  2. Amazing Jo - great colours in your backyard - no wonder you are inspired!

  3. Thanks Luthien and Wyn - Yes, we have an abundance of colourful birds and I often take photos with the idea of using them in some paintings. I just don't know how I'd do them justice.

  4. Oh I love the photos! The bridal veil fungi are in the same family as what we have here known as *Stink Horns* (for good reason!)
    The top fungus is beautiful--looks like a starfish!
    If only our native birds were so colorful... :-)
    Have a good one!

    Anne (safe from the storms for the moment!)

  5. Welcome to my blog Anne. Will be thinking of you during this awful storm season.