Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Adobe

I can't seem to keep away from the computer. I wake up VERY early and my first thought is check email, blogs, other sites etc., and then play with Adobe Photoshop to inspire me for the day's creativity. Any photo can be altered radically to make a whole new image, with an completely different meaning.

Such as:
This photo of two sisters (my friend Cheryl's grandchildren) in a shared moment looking at photos on a camera.


It could be called  'Conspiracy" or something equally sinister because of the palette. Maybe there's a painting in the offing, or perhaps it will just be filed with hundreds of other images that I have saved over time. 


  1. LOL!! we ALL do the same i think! i hop in and out of the studyroom constantly to check on mails, blogs and facebook everyday :)

    everyone seems to be playing photoshop! i've been meaning to learn it but i'm so comfy with my GIMP, i keep saying "tomorrow" to photoshop ...

  2. With all the wonderful work you do Luthien, who needs Photoshop!!