Thursday, July 21, 2011

Challenge - Wings

The team at Inspiration Avenue have made this week's theme 'Wings'.  Easy for me, I'm a bird lover... AND I have a garden full of delightful feathered friends I'd like to share with you. The following three are photographed in my back yard.

King Parrot

Then, of course, I take photos of birds wherever I go...

Peacocks in Macintosh Park, Surfers Paradise

An attempt to photograph a seagull in flight at our local beach. I think the slight blur gives it a soft focus so is not all that bad.  Hard to capture flying birds on a small digital.

Naturally, if I photograph birds, it is compulsory to paint them... in various styles.
Semi real...
... or totally abstract (mixed media, triptych)

Les Oiseaux

Any jewellery I make with 'wings' belongs in my Xmas collection.  I make them for friends, and for myself.

Couldn't have enjoyed this one more, and it's great to be able to share my passion for 'wings'.


  1. I love your birds! Love the exoticness of birds elsewhere, the shapes, colors and sizes.
    So here's to big wings and little wings...and ALL COLORS of wings! :-)


  2. How wonderful to have such exotic birds in your garden. Thank you for sharing these fab photos. Loving your painting and beautiful ear-rings. Annette x

  3. love love love this post as I'm a bird lover too and so know where you're coming from .great photographs too - vivid colour .and those earrings are too sweet ..e^)

  4. Well done on the seagull - trying to capture one has taken over from trying to get a good photo of rain as my current camera obsession.

    Lovely to see the Aussie birds - I worked in Canberra for 3 months last year and loved seeing the parrotts on the way to and from work everyday - British birds seem so boring in comparison.

  5. Gorgeous exotic birds. I love Les Oiseaux!

  6. It's nice to know there are heaps of other bird lovers out there. Thank you one and all for the great response to my post.

  7. You mentioned you've been doing a letter a week - actually I've already been following your progress there and have thought of joining, but don't have a theme/style/idea to participate. The letters I've seen from everyone are SO amazing and yours are truly fun and full of life.

  8. You met this challenge in so many wonderful ways. Your art/jewelry is so reflective of you love of birds.


  9. Wow - a gorgeous selection of wing themed art! How wonderful to have such beautiful birds at the back of your house! Thanks for sharing such a stunning collection of your work. Now which one shall I put on the site as a link to your entry...(tough choices!)

    Kat :-)

  10. I'm late getting here, and I am so psyched about your bird obsession. I've heard of a kookaburra (maybe in a song?), but have never seen one even in photos before. And your abstract bird triptych is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! Can you tell how much I like it?? Great IA post. I think you outdid yourself and many of the rest of us, too.

  11. Terrie... Mull it over... you might come up with something... I'd love to see you participate.

    SYT... Thanks for visiting, and your comment.

    Kat... I vote for Les Oiseaux... glazd you like my birds.

    Elizabeth... Just don't let Bluebeard near my birdies.

  12. What an incredible series of photos- I am SO jealous of your birds, especially the Kookaburra! And your translation of them into your art is amazing as well- that triptych is just gorgeous as is your realistic painting!

  13. I came over from Inspiration Avenue and what a wonderful posting on the theme. You have touched some many medias and done all of it so beautifully. I love your mixed media one, lots of fun and then your jewelry is beautiful. I love it all..

  14. Stephanie, Amanda, Barbara... thanks for stopping by. It seems there are many bird lovers out there.

  15. You definitely have wings my friend, those of the best kind. Your painting is equally gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing your friends with us!

  16. IM G.... Glad you visited... thanks for your positive comments.