Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea... Inspired

Inspiration Avenue time again.... this week it's 'Tea'.  For a potter, not too hard as I am known for my 'funky' teapots and love making them.  Some are functional, but most are just 'fun'. 

Naturally I must promote my country to all those who live elesewhere...

Australia Teapot

... and my most ridiculous non-functional teapot...

Hullo Sailor

... and one I love ....

The Ritual Of Tea

My first love tho' is painting...

Coffee (or perhaps tea?) In The Square
... and mixed media/collage...

Black Tea

Cold drink anyone?


  1. Ooh these are just soooo coooool. What a clever and multi-talented lady you are. I am bowled over!

  2. Jo, did you make all those tea pots? They are wonderful and some are full of whimsey, while others have gorgeous colors and glazes. You do great work. And your paintings are truly stunning, too. You will be missed the next couple of weeks, that's for sure.

  3. Now YOU have given ME a challenge...picking just one photo to post! Each one of your creations is amazing, and I love them all. The glaze on the blue teapot is stunning, and I am in love with your Tea in the Square painting. You are truly multi-talented :)

  4. Nice teapots Jo! I remember "Hello Sailor" now, and I can see why you love the blue set, its beautiful.

  5. Kat... Thank you so much.

    Elizabeth... Thanks.. yes I did make them. Perhaps I can schedule a post for while I'm away. Not sure how to do that yet.

    Mag... You are too kind. It's all very encouraging.

    Hi Kim... Nice to hear from you.

  6. what an increarble artist you are,, wow,, thankyou for visiting me,, I'm your newest follower,,

  7. I didn't know you were such a talented potter! "Hello sailor" shows great technical proficiency, but is also whimsical and expressive. They're all great, but so different from each other- wow!

  8. Ohhhh, you talented babe!!! I love the functional of course, but than 'non' functional is totally awesome!!! Hullo Sailor what a hoot :) Love your paintings too, it's my first time in this challenge I happened on today & I found a fellow Sunshine Coast blogger :) Have a great break!!! Love your art!!!!!

  9. Just wonderful to see all of these...and what fun to explore the different mediums for the same theme...good idea.

  10. Visiting from IA- amazing work, the two mixed media pieces are favorite, the couple drinking- like that one a lot.

  11. You are certainly a multi talented artist. I love the pottery but the painting "In the square" really makes me want to sit and stare at it.


  12. Your pieces are just increadible, I love all of them.

  13. Laurie... Thanks for your support. Glad to hear from you.

    Sharmon, Shelle, Laura... Have been a potter for 20+ years but prefer to paint when I can.

    NES.. Thanks for visiting. That painting is now on my wall and I don't think I'll part with it for a while.

    Barbara, SYT, Petra... Your support is greatly appreciated.

  14. Well Dear Jo ~ all I can say is it must be nice VERY nice to be oh SO talented!!!

    Your teapots are WOW!!! Fantastic!

  15. Wow you really are multi-talented! Loving the teapots - especially the "Hullo sailor" one! - and your art is gorgeous!

  16. Patty... I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    Angel... Thanks for that.

  17. Wow, I am AMAZED at all the areas that your talent touches on- those pots are AWESOME (LOVE the Hullo Sailor ;)) and you painting is incredible. I Love the choices you made on what to accentuate and where- just beautiful!

  18. These are all so fabulous! I came by expecting to see more of the wonderful painting and am so impressed with all your wonderful and funky creations!