Friday, September 9, 2011


Seth Apter, of The Altered Page blog, once made a series of fabulous hand sculptures and I promised I'd post some of my own hands from my former life as a potter.

So, here you are Seth.....

"Gesture" , wallpiece, each tile is about 4cm square. Caloundra Creative Ceramics Award.

"Let Me Out!" from the exhibition "Secret And Sacred Places"

"Shoop, Shoop"

"The Vet Says He's A Basket Case"
"...And I'm Left Holding The Baby"
"The Ritual"
"A Handy Little Yellow Teapot"
While my pots were more about the words than the hands I hope Seth finds them amusing.
The photos aren't all that great as some of them are very old, but you get the idea.

It seems tradition dictates that one must have a 'giveaway' for one's 100th blog.  I'm working on it as I only have a few to go, so you'd best not miss that one. It will be drawn from those followers who post a comment on the 100th blog.  To 'follow' you need to sign up for a 'gmail' account... not difficult, and it's FREE.  It's always handy to have a separate email anyway, so I've found.  R used to get quite cross at the number of emails on his list.  Now he hardly gets any.


  1. you certainly are an artist with many many talents dear Jo

    your hand tiles are WOW as are all of the pieces you've shared with us here

    pretty darn amazing
    you have been there and done that so fabulously!!!
    oh and congrats on your almost 100 posts
    I need another email like a hole in the head ;) but you're pretty convincing LOL

  2. I am BLOWN away by these hands. I think Gesture is my favorite, possibly because I identify it with an altered book I created (and still work on on occasion) that is all about hands. Of course, I'm also in love with the titles of all your pieces. Such humor and depth of knowledge.

    Oh Jo, there's no mandate to have a giveaway when you reach 100 posts. But I will be rooting for you as you reach that magic goal.

  3. Are you itching to get back in to it yet???
    After seeing these faboulous pieces I would!!

  4. Have I mentioned I'm staggered by your creativity & this collection is so cool, funny, awesome (sometimes all 3 at once) Brilliant Jan :)

  5. Oh these are just brilliant Jo. Really fantastic. A great range of styles even within the same medium. I am inspired by these and just might have to use my hands to create a few more of my own hand sculptures again. Thanks!