Saturday, September 10, 2011

Images From Kakadu

I still haven't sorted my photos from our recent trip, but had a bit of a browse through them this morning. 

Perhaps I should share some from Kakadu....

Overlooking Kakadu National Park


Pandanus... this is the 'water' kind

Jabiru... there were hundreds of them
Ancient Art Ubirr Rock

A mere surface look at such a vast area and, as for my photos.....mmmmmmm.  They don't do it justice....AND I have 2000 of them to look through.


  1. Great to see photos of your side of the world and I love the fish rock painting.

  2. Ha! Oh how that sounds like me! One trip and 2000 photos!!! How funny - well, you did an amazing job - those shots are gorgeous - I LOVE the one of the wetlands and the bottom shots are really something. Thanks for your visit and for sharing these, xoxo

  3. What gorgeous photos! I love the Jabiru! I have never seen those fabulous creatures before...

  4. beautiful photo's Jo, 2000 is a lot to go through! I LOVE the last image, do you have any additional info on it??

  5. sorting through holiday photos can be very time is so easy to get lost all lover again...I snap pics constantly

    The photos you shared here are fantastic ...things the likes of nothing I have seen
    ...really brilliant
    I always say the next best thing to getting to travel myself is enjoying someone elses pics!