Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired By Oz

I reckon that the Australian outback property owners are the salt of the earth.  They live in remote places, often barely ekeing out a living from their land.

When you travel in these areas, you are struck by the wonderful colours of the landscape.  We have a LOT of red in Australia, and a plethora of greens (depending on the season).

I have tried to capture an impression of these places.  They are small works, only 6 x 8 inches, mounted on 8 x 10 wide edge canvas.

On Our Selection

The North Paddock


  1. wow, these are amazing!

  2. I really like the dark colors in the first one and how everything seems to be flowing out from the stream. I would love to visit Australia, definitely on my top 3 places to see.

  3. Beautiful compositions.
    I love the boldness of your colors and the power of your brushstroke.

  4. These are gorgeous Jo - you have really captured the outback/bush spirit - with the freedom that it emotes! Cheers!

  5. What I especially like is the feeling of movement, the feeling of vastness. I envy you your skill. --Carol Leigh

  6. These pieces certainly draw me in Jo...never having been lucky enough to visit your beautiful country...I will be content to feast my eyes on the brilliant greens and reds of your creations

  7. Oh, they are so lovely and colourful! That's how I imagine Australia... at least the more fertile parts of it!

  8. This is so cool work.
    I became a follower just now!
    a part of my famely lives in Australia!!!
    Love it!