Thursday, November 17, 2011

AWOL In Surfers Paradise

This is why the place is so named
Some stalwart followers might have noticed my absence for the past week.  R & I escaped briefly for a little R & R. Artistic pursuits on the backburner, I was still armed with camera and ready for anything.

O/S bloggers have treated me to assorted travelogues of their various countries's the famous Sufers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

The most famous thing about 'Surfers' (as we call it) is the beach... seemingly endless, sand like talc, and often with few people... or dogs.

Over the years developers have cluttered the beachfront with high-rise buildings that cast shadows on the beach in the afternoon. This has been cause for much concern from locals who hate to lose their sun.
The view from our apartment
Still, the buildings go up and they get more interesting as design has improved over the years.

Mind you, there are still some 'daggy' ('scuse the Oz slang) places around... old beach shacks that have resisted the advancement of design, albeit with pretentious names.

Our apartment tho' was average, older, but perfectly placed for endless views.....

R in front of our block where X marks the apartment. The whole front of that floor is ours, from side to side, but we closed the curtains for a while in the morning to keep the sun out.

Street art abounds on the Gold Coast... some realist...

... some not.

I loved many of the signs.... definitely a subject for another blog sometime, but here's a sample.

We ate...


... and generally recovered from a hectic year,

until it was time to come home.

Will be back in the studio very shortly... stay tuned.


  1. welcome back, what a view what a place, what a great time, what a,,, I ran out, lol, anyway, welcome back!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.
    It is wonderful to see you having fun.

  3. ooo Jo I enjoyed that trip very thoughtful of you to take us along for a bit of it...quite have me imagining me twinkling my toes in your Gold Coast sand some day!

    I think it is a bonus to be able to travel to far off lands and see them through the eyes of people I admire here in blogland!

    p.s. hope you returned feeling refreshed...I am still trying to find center from our recent travels

  4. It's funny, but this seems to be my day to bring up the old Pattie Page hit "Old Cape Cod. While your "Surfer's Paradise" is not at all like The Cape, the sun, surf and sand might shoehorn it's way into one's sensibilities on a vacation such as yours.

  5. This brings back so many memories of our week in Surfer's Paradise years ago with our kids. It was part of our best vacation ever since it's SO different from Seattle. We had perfect weather, met perfectly friendly folks, enjoyed some of that art you talk about and enjoyed playing on the beach. I want to go back!

  6. seems like you had a good relaxing time and the weather was perfect for you, and now back to work!

  7. What a great tour! I have never been here and loved all the pictures.
    So glad you had a good time.

  8. Looks absolutely fabulous and sounds like a wonderful break.

  9. JM- glad to hear that you are re-energising. And loved the cubic street art. Go well. B