Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yesterday was a day I'd promised myself to set aside for visiting some of my best creative friends. I've been called for jury duty for three weeks from Monday, so will be 'art-deprived' for a while.  I gathered two 'besties' into the car and set off to visit Fiona & Barry, Ken, and Kim, with a lunch in between, and about a 100km round trip to look forward to.

First stop was Rosebed St Gallery, to drop off some more paintings, and check out the changing 'Small Works' exhibition.

Next was Fiona & Barry.  Fiona had to go to the airport but Barry was busily working  when we arrived.

He very kindly stopped what he was doing and took us into the studio to explain many of the processes he uses to make his wonderful pieces. The studio is also Fiona's workplace so we could rummage around among all her lovely handmade books, and other exquisite creations.

Fiona's desk
We bought all sorts of yummy goodies and, so laden, headed off to Ken's.

Ken, explaining one of his impressive sculptures
Ken makes such substantial and fascinating pieces from recycled timber and handmade paper.  It was quite an experience to wander around his workshop.

We were exhausted after all this so stopped for lunch at Pomodora's, a lovely restaurant right on the edge of the Obi Obi Creek. Then on to Montville for coffee and a visit to Main Street Gallery.

Kim was next on the list as I had collected some rusty old bits for her to add to her stash.  Her garden is gorgeous, as partner Glen is a landscape gardener. Of course her sculptures add another dimension.

The rose bower
In my enthusiasm to browse around I forgot to photograph Kim, but did capture her 'self-portrait' among the rusty bits.

Laden with more treasures, and fresh zucchinis from the garden, we headed home, and I am artistically refreshed for the duration.

Thanks to all of them for taking time to explain their work, and tempting us with purchasable treasures.

Hope you follow my links to see the wonderful work of my 'mates'. It was hard to juggle camera, and browse for treasures to buy.


  1. what a great day, beautiful treasures for sure,

  2. I wish I could have been there! It's great to studio hop especially when the artists are all so enthusiastic and willing to show you around. Glad Kim's metal stash is still tidy!

  3. It looks like you had an amazing day spending among treasures you love.

  4. A wonderful stroll through the studio and grounds!

  5. Hi Jo. What a lovely post, and beautiful photo's too. Thanks for visiting, it was so enjoyable! Glen will be happy with the garden shot for sure. (Robyn, I had only just clean that area the day before, just as well, eh!)

  6. oh Jo
    what a fabulous post
    full to the brim with all things I Love!

    you are so nice to take us along for what looks like a really splendid time

    hoping your jury duty goes by quickly...
    p.s. off to check out your links :)

  7. Thank you for sharing those visits! So fun to see the studios of such wonderful artists!

  8. Hi JM - t is always a pleasure to have supportive fellow artists to visit and share the processes with; and of course when they bring friends who want to buy a fews pieces - thanks for that. Special thanks to you as you are always on the look out for recycled metal for me. And thanks for the promo - I love how the artist blog community supports one-another. Go well in you creative deprived time. B