Monday, January 30, 2012


During the past year I've collected all sorts of great pieces from artist friends.  I swapped, purchased, won, and was given, all sorts of creative works for my collection so thought I'd share some with you.  These are generally from 'local' artists I regard as friends, and whose work I admire.

Exceptions first, I don't really know this first artist, Joshua, aged 7 yrs, but I did meet him at the exhibition where his work was shown.  I couldn't resist purchasing this engaging painting.  From my point of view people do a lot of 'brush mileage' to get to be as spontaneous this. If I was to try a painting of the Emergency Services vehicle I could not have done a better job. Clever Josh.

It holds up well in the company of many older and much more experienced artists on my walls.

Kim Schoenberger is a great friend, and I'm sure I'm her number one fan. The piece below, now on my deck wall,  was a swap at the COMA Xmas party, but I occasionally find her small pieces irresistible and have bought several.

Purchased from a COMA exhibition, and made from recycled vintage rubber stamps and scrabble tiles, This piece of Kim's is on my bookcase and reminds me to do all these things regularly.

 My barbecue table features this gorgeous plate,  much admired by visiting friends.

Kim is multi-talented indeed!

Wendy Epp is a prizewinning local artist. I purchased this small piece, 18 x 12 cm, at her recent solo exhibition. Unfortunately she doesn't have a web presence so I can't show you more.

I just LOVE Barry Smith's leaves.  I bought the large leaf and, on a separate occasion, he gave me the smaller one. Thanks Barry.  I can't wait to get my hands on some tiny ones for earrings.

Speaking of earrings, Barry (above) and Noela Mills collaborate to produce BAZOLA jewellery.  My latest purchase  was made from a silverplated trophy cup that I found at the dump.

Gorgeous aren't they?

I admire Noela's many talents, and her workshops are always worth attending. I managed to score one of her works in the 13th International Collage Exchange 

Lucky me.

Another prizewinning local artist is Kym Barrett.  I love her freedom of expression.  This piece was my most recent purchase.

It's only small... but I LOVE it.

COMA functions are always a source of interesting art.  It's a talented group, and I'm honoured to be part of it.  We had a sell and/or swap Xmas gathering.  Great fun and I managed to swap with Wendy Van Der Drift, coming home with this gem.

Last.... but definitely not least... is the gift from my old, old, friend Frank Merchant  when I visited him in Sydney.

Titled "The Manly Bowlers", I love the expressions.  Don't think they are the happiest lot.  Perhaps they take the game too seriously.

As you can see I'm always on the prowl for interesting work, preferably indicative of the artist's style.  I love being surrounded by reminders of the talented and creative friends I've collected along my way. 


  1. My goodness you have some stunning pieces there and I can see why you bought them. Our taste is so similar, I'm surprised to find I would have purchased each of those as well.

    The earrings are just fabulous and the art by Kym and Noela in particular caught my eye. Lucky you to have such talented friends and such an inspirational collection. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I know what you mean about buying or awapping art, paintings fill my walls from almost top to bottom, as a cloth doll maker, dolls also fill my hall (to some the house of horrors) most of the dolls are swaps or bought at clases, then dont get me onto the textile stuff.
    How could I downsize?

  3. Wow some great pieces of art here, thank you for sharing, x

  4. what a wonderful collection, beautiful work,

  5. Very interesting to see your art collection. It's a fabulous idea for a post, clever you!

  6. I have an award for you on my blog, you deserve it so much, come get it!!!

  7. oh, my goodness... i so love that scrabble sculpture! i have been collecting scrabble pieces for years... i have hundreds and hundreds. every time i go to a garage sale, i look for a scrabble game. my homes is to to a mosaic table top with them some day. most of them would have the letter side down. but i might use some with the letter up to spell something in the table.

  8. not sure where January went!

    what a delight to see and hear about so many fine pieces of art...that's alotta eye candy!!!

    thanks for sharing Jo!