Friday, February 24, 2012

In The Picture - February Challenge

In The Picture has made February's theme is 'write on !'.  I've had to add words of some kind to my self portrait.

It's hard enough to figure out how to take your own photo, let alone add writing!  However it's amazing what you can do with 'smoke and mirrors' as they say.

Here's my offering:

I photographed my hand with lots of my homemade jewellery, and one of Fiona's pebbles, then photoshopped my face into the background.

I'm getting quite good at looking into my own camera and pressing the button.  Hooray for digital cameras!... you can delete all the crook ones.

Unable to leave well enough alone I began playing around with distortion of various kinds and like this one best:

That was using the 'Polar' distortion tool, but 'Sphere' distortion is interesting too...

I can't leave Photoshop alone!  Wonder if someone will start a "Photoshoppers Anonymous" in the future.


  1. How much fun would a Photoshoppers Anonymous meeting be! Everyone could bring samples of their work and then get together for coffee after the meeting and talk more photo shop! Great photos Jo!

  2. thats so cute, they surely will, theres one for about everything i think.

  3. fun seeing a 'twisted' you Jo hah!

    I still haven't gotten anywhere with did good

  4. This is beautiful! I love how you interpreted it.

  5. Great images! I feel the same way about my iPhone apps as you do about Photoshop!!! I'm totally addicted to them....haven't touched photoshop in a long time!!!

  6. PSA....that's funny,. I think the doors will be flooded with anonymous PSers. I like the collage effect and Yes...thank goodness for delete.

  7. It looks like you're having fun. This is the whole point, isn't it?! I am too.
    I like the hand a face collage. Good job!
    P.S. My eyes are going screwy with all these new word verification options. Now I'm going for my third try...

  8. Classis Jo! Looks like your having some fun.

  9. very creative jo! nice work. thanks so much for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  10. hahaha... photoshoppers anonymous. i like that. i would join! =)
    looks like you had a lot of creative fun with this one.

  11. What fantastic collage work Jo...well done!