Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creative Workshop

Rainforest - Jo

The weekend before last I spent at a workshop run by my friend Aileen Shaw who is a wonderful artist and tutor.  The concept was a relatively simple one, but an excellent way to introduce painters to collage.

We were a mixed group, of varying experience, but everyone was open-minded and prepared for the challenge.

Our first task was to prepare several sheets of paper with:

1.  A simple colourful painting, either realist or abstract,
2.  A black and white pattern, either repetitive or random, and
3.  (Opt) A plain background of your own colour choice.

Gaynor working on her black & white

Brenda with her painting
Karen's painting and background

Once dry (it took a while as it was hot and very humid) these sheets were to be torn up and re-arranged into a totally new image.

Aileen tearing strips

Aileen with examples of finished work from a previous workshop
The first pieces produced were all in a linear format.



Annie with her work

Soon some began adding other elements...

.. and I never was one to follow the rules...

Collaged over an old painting on canvas - Jo

... tho' I did try to stick to the brief...

Oriental Fortune - Jo
It was two days of dedicated creative play, with some amazing results, and well worth doing.

Thanks Aileen!


  1. what beautiful creations i love the complexity of these works,, this is something I would love to try and WILL!Thankyou so much for sharing, youand your friends look likeyou had a ball, so much fun!

  2. How fun to see all the different works you are your friends did at the workshop! Love your Rainforest and the Oriental Fortune! I really need to find some workshops near where I live... I would love to get together with other artists! How fun! :)

  3. Wow, this is exciting work, right here. I love colors and graphic prints and the pop of black and white, so this is all eye candy for me. A great workshop!

  4. Well done Jo - funny how tearing something up and mixing it up makes such magic!! Cheers!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful workshop photographs. Loving the results. x

  6. Jo, thanks for posting these workshop photos. They give me a good idea of what Aileen was teaching and some exercises to try out here at home. Workshops are such great ways to meet new people and to learn new techniques, even for those who don't like to follow the rules!

  7. Oh I wish I could have joined you, looks fab.

  8. JM - looks like a lot of creative fun for paintly types. B

  9. I like every single one of these, Jo. Congrats to all for some fine work.

  10. How inspiring! I'm going to give it a try this weekend. I just love yours (no surprise) but were no 'bad' ones - so interesting to see how some folks are so colorful and full of pattern and others, not so much. I love the idea of this kind of free flowing play. Can't wait to try - thanks for sharing.

  11. I really enjoyed seeing the results of your workshop. I was very impressed with the Oriental Fortune. It definitely looked planned.

  12. Just found your blog Jo! This is so cool! I cannot wait to try it!

  13. Wow, what a wonderful workshop! The work produced is so beautiful and colorful and bright! Appears to have been a rousing success!

  14. back from our recent short trip and trying to play catch up

    what a great art immersion these two days must have been...VERY colorful indeed

    lovely seeing so much creativity and talent!

  15. Dear Jo,
    Tremendous thanks for stopping by and commenting on The Pulse of Mixed Media's celebratory 31/31 train. So glad to connect with you and see your gorgeous collage work. Lucky you to be at such a wonderful workshop and just love what you've done. I think following instructions is never as important as following your heart!! Love the vibrancy of your work- makes me smile and smile!! Will come back to see all of your super artwork!

  16. I'm so ashamed I've not visited your blog in a few weeks. My loss, because you have been incredibly busy! Love your phrase, "rust is the new black" and plan to use it unabashedly in the future. Thank you, too, for the links to all the rust artists you had in a previous post. I've marked it unread so I can go back and leisurely peruse their websites. And finally, your rusty pillowcase is terrific! Since we're having nothing but rain here for the next 10 days, I may just have to create some rusty stuff of my own. So thank you for the inspiration, for your fun photos, and for just being you.

  17. Great to see everyone's work and love your pieces in particular, especially Rainforest.

  18. What a great workshop! Love your artwork, Jo.