Friday, March 30, 2012

Terrie's Tag

Patience Is A Virtue
I've put this portrait I did of my friend's dog 'Shirley' first to grab your attention, as this post will be mostly about 'blogging'. Hope it worked.

I've been TAGGED by my loyal follower Terrie of Creative Explorer.  I really love having Terrie as a follower as I value her comments. The title of her blog says it all. She is not afraid of trying new ways of expressing herself artistically.  You can see by her workdesk that she is extremely creative.

(photo: Terrie)
Manipulated photos.....

(photo: Terrie)

Zentangled letters for the ALAW project....

.... Terrie is multi- skilled when it comes to art.

Now, I've been blogging for just over a year and have been 'tagged' several times, for a 'pay it forward' sort of thing.  While I have always participated I find that it can be VERY time-consuming, and not everyone's cup of tea.  Sometimes I feel it smacks of the old 'chain-letter' thing.

This 'tag' requires that I answer 11 questions posed by Terrie and that I tag 11 other bloggers with questions that I have for them.  I am to put links to those bloggers on my post.  This seems an excellent way for my followers to see the work of people who are new to them.  However, the feelings that I have about tagging might be shared by those I tag. Soooo, sorry Terrie, after some thought I'm opting out of this one.

BUT, I will answer your questions (as if anyone would care what I think)....

Terrie's questions
1. Favorite season - why?
Summer. I hate the cold, always have. When I was a child my parents took me to see snow and I wouldn't get out of the car.  Nothing's changed.  I'm a beach girl.

2. What do you 'need' to have on before venturing out in public?
Lippy. I look like death without it.

3. What do you collect?
My God!  What sort of question is that?  Like most people who dabble in the arts...I collect EVERYthing!  Hubby is always amused at me picking up squashed and rusty bottletops when we go for our morning walk.  You'll see them in collages from time to time.

4. Favorite style of art?
I have eclectic tastes in art so anything and everything is of interest to me, but I lean towards Abstract Expressionism.

5. Symmetrical or asymmetrical?
Depends on the mood.  I do rather fancy assymetric clothing and jewellery.

6. What do you find difficult to learn or work with in your chosen medium?
What chosen medium?  I move between many (as do you Terrie).  At present am having some problems with 'image transfer', but I will soon be over it.

7. Vacation in cold & snow or hot & sunshine?
Guess I answered that in question #1.

8. How do you relax?
Sleep.  I am on the go so much that when I stop I sleep.  I used to read a lot but find it hard to get past a couple of paragraphs before I nod off.

9. What's one of your guilty pleasures?
Chocolate.  I LOVE it (doesn't everyone?).... preferably Belgian.

10. What wakes up your muse? (or, where do you find your creative inspiration?)
Art books.... now THEY can keep me awake. I have a huge collection. (must blog about it one day).

11. What food do you crave most often?
Apart from chocolate? .... Asian food, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese.  I cook these a lot.

.... and that's it folks.

During the course of my blogging I provide links to other bloggers from time to time so wont be 'paying this forward' at the moment.

Sorry Terrie... but thanks for your endorsement of my blog.


  1. Hi Jo - the portrait is fantastic - you have captured the energy of the little dog so well, that you can feel he is relaxing but very ready to jump up and play!! Really good!

    Re the other issue - tagging - it is a compliment I think for someone to Blog you and share your link - but I agree re the issues of having to answer so many questions and tag others with questions -

    Blogging is part of the creative process - it is the window to share yours and others inspiration and work and if your not a creative maybe, other things like family and things you like - but it does take a lot of time and to add all these other complexities to it would make it not much fun - so I agree about the opting out!!

    Cheers - very cute dog!!

  2. I'm alarmed to hear that this practice, which is so annoying on email, has come to blogging. I automatically delete anything of that nature that comes into my email inbox, whoever it's from. They just make me feel overwhelmed. Thanks for making a public stand on this.

  3. I've missed stopping by for a visit Jo...had routine cataract surgery in the first eye and I guess until the second one is also done in May my vision will be iffy ... enough about me ;)

    I agree with you on the being tagged thing BUT I certainly do enjoy reading when people answer the questions...shaking my head in agreement on many of your answers AND YES, Chocolate IS a food group isn't it ;)

    p.s. I find it hard to not add a photo of some kind when I do a blog post...feels incomplete somehow...being a very visual person I will be very happy when things are clear and lined up again!

  4. Enjoyed the interview and really love the portrait of cute! I agree with the tagging thing - I would also opt out as it does remind me of the old chain letters! But it was fun learning about you.

  5. Agree with everything you said about tagging, but loved reading the answers to the questions. What I'm REALLY here to say is that I just saw that your work ("Jewel of the Orient") is part of the International Collage Exhibition/Exchange. Here's the link to your piece (hope this comment field accepts links):

    Looks great!

  6. I totally respect your position and have to say, I almost didn't participate either because it made me feel a little presumptuous by 'tagging' others. That said, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions and now I know a little more about you. And I always care what you think! :) (I'm a beach, summer person as well.)