Sunday, March 18, 2012

Travelling Treasures

Mieke van Sambeeck
You might remember a few posts (27/2) back I participated in a blog "Pay It Forward". This meant that I left a comment to receive a gift, and had then to post a "Pay It Forward" blog and send handmade gifts to the first three who left me comments.

This was started by Erin of Art-Is-Try. I found out about Erin's project from Andria of Drawing Near and thought it an easy and fun thing to do. The thought of little artistic gems travelling around the world delights me.  If the project grew, as it should, then there would be thousands of these little treasures on their way around the globe.  What a thought!

I commented on Andria's site and duly received the most delightful package, decorated with stamps, flags, and tape....

What looks like an airmail envelope is in fact a lovely little handmade booklet....

... and an enclosed plastic sleeve contained all these wonderful goodie for me to use in collage. YAY!!  Maybe those bits will end up in that book?

Thank you Andria.

The three who responded to my post were...

Mieke of Short Snippets
Robyn of rObfOs
Deb of Deb Ammerman Art and Design

Well, Mieke is a friend who belongs to the same art group as I...COMA, the Collaboration of Maleny Artists, so I see her fairly often.  I knew what she would really like and I could deliver it by hand, which I did. Soooo, I made her a special piece and hung it on a buna cord. These 'bits' are very beachy... coral, and a pebble and driftwood I found on the beach.

I certainly didn't expect a return gift, but she insisted, and I now have the beautiful raku heart that she made, and you can see it at the top of this post.

Thank you Mieke.

I have not met Robyn, but she is a Queenslander and I checked out her site to try and get an idea of what she would like.  I decided to make a mixed media ATC and include some interesting papers in the package, and a ceramic brooch that I'd made.

Rainforest Remnants

I had forgotten to photograph the ATC before I posted it so Robyn kindly sent me the above images.

Thank you Robyn.

Finally, I was so pleased that my last participant was from the other side of the world, the USA.  After all, that was my idea about the whole thing.

Deb's site showed me her interest in mixed media and collage AND she had left an encouraging comment on my 'Rust' post.   I just had to use some of my rust-printed fabric on a collage for her, and include a piece of the fabric for her to play with.

Framing The Moon

So you see, it was all worth it.  I loved making for a 'special' person, and hope you visit my three recipients and join the 'Pay It Forward' challenge.


  1. wonderful gifts, especially the raku heart. I sort of thought about it but having a few problems so wasnt sure I could go through with it and didnt go any further. Now wish I had!

  2. I love the concept of pay it forward! You recieved and sent some lovely things.

  3. JM-intersting and creative way of making and extending the artistic connections. See you at the next COMA launch? Go well. B

  4. Wow! What awesome gifts on both the coming in and going out sides. I especially love the necklace you made. I wish I had more time to make jewelry.

  5. Hi Jo, Thank you again for the lovely collage gift you sent me! I LOVE it! It's still sitting on my desk in a frame that I had (to protect it), but I do plan to get a nice mat & frame so I can hang it on my inspiration wall. It was so exciting to receive your gift, I do hope that people will sign up on my blog and let me send them a little gift to, I really do want to give back. :)

  6. Oh so much to see and enjoy on this post! Thanks for the variety of eye candy.

  7. Thanks Again Jo, I treasure the necklace, a wonderfull gift and a fun project to join.

  8. Jo - what a grand idea! Your pieces are just gorgeous, and so you. I absolutely adore the beachy necklace you made your friend but the collages are fab too. What a giving type of swap....

  9. The gifts you sent off are fabulous, Jo...your PiF partners are super-lucky!!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Wow on all of the gifts, such creativity and talent. I am so excited that your leg of the project went so well. Cheers! Erin from art-is-try (