Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Painting Miniatures

Along The Gully
Although I really enjoy large canvases I occasionally like to sit down with some small brushes and make a more intimate work. 

Miniatures are supposed to be no more than 40 cm. around the perimeter, i.e 10 x 10 cm (or 4" x 4").  It is difficult to get the same sort of visual impact within such a small space, as you can with a large work.

The Valley

Red Furrows

Despite the small format, it is still possible to do mixed media work...

Reef Fish
... and abstract.

The bridge

I guess my point is that you don't always have to make a HUGE effort to create art.  If you are having an off day for whatever reason, just sit quietly with your brushes, paint, and a tiny canvas, or paper, and play.


  1. I never realized there was a "definition" for miniatures. And each of these is very cool - of course, I'm drawn to the mixed media and abstract, but I like the little landscapes too, particularly the Valley - maybe because it's more abstract in feeling. Beautiful pieces and nice reminder to switch it up now and then.

  2. Jo, I work small so frequently, I have trouble going in the OTHER direction!
    Love these pieces; I think there is lots of visual interest and texture. And yes, I love mixed media/collage on small deep canvas. :-) (although I do drive myself nuts with the small bits sometimes....)


  3. "The Valley" resonates with me as it reminds me of when I lived in Hawaii (ages 10-12). The greens, blues, clouds, sky, land -- so beautiful. This is the most impressive thing I've ever seen you do. Brings tears to my eyes! Wow. A surprising reaction from me.

  4. Jo you have achieved the impact!! I've been away in Bris - so haven't been blogging but wow - I admire anyone who can do miniatures but particularly someone with the skill, colour and sense that you have put into these!!

  5. spoken like a true artiste Jo...making it sound 'almost' easy!

    The Valley is quite fantastic ... your use of color always delights!

    I feel so fortunate to have won one of your tiny creations