Sunday, April 1, 2012


If you like collage, the place to visit is Dale Copeland's site in New Zealand.  The 14th International Collage Exchange is now up and running, with two exhibitions showing concurrently.  One is a selling exhibition, and one is destined to be part of a permanent collection.  I'm delighted to be a participant.

This is part of the selling show...

Jewel Of The Orient

... and this will be in a permanent collection...


Some of my favourite artists are also included:

Laura Lein Svencner

Mary Ellen Long

Richard Fulham

Jette Clover

Cordula Kagemann

Dianne Vottero Dockery

Csaba Pal

and Dale Copeland herself

... and lots more.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Beautiful collages.
    Both strong compositions; especially the Bound.

  2. thanks for this. and congrats on winning Seth's book! one out of 3,000! lucky!

  3. Holy moly - what are the odds that I would win a copy of Seth's book AND that I'd know one of the other winners? Congrats on the win - what a treasure to have one signed by lots of artists. We can compare notes once we get our books.

    He's going to be in the Seattle area promoting the book next month and of course I plan on going - it's unfortunate you live on the other side of the world and can't make it - would love to meet you too!

  4. Stunning art work
    I love the details and colors

    Congrats on Winning Seth s book!

  5. congrats Jo! Both really nice collage's - I really like 'Bound' it has a similar feel to my punctured pieces for me.

  6. Another congrats Jo!, 'bound' definately my favourite, great color combination.