Thursday, May 3, 2012


It might seem that I am doing little else other than photography lately... feels like that to me. Despite appearances tho' I am still working away, whenever I get the chance, with brush in hand... or other implements like fingers, sticks, chook feathers, grout spreaders,  etc.

Have a few works 'in progress'.  Often I find it easier to give them a title than finish them.

SIGNS OF THE TIMES - acrylic and enamel on canvas 45 x 45 cm

My object with this work was to give the feeling of people disappearing into the background, overwhelmed by an assortment of  meaningless signs (my comment on advertising).  The wonderful crackle is a reaction between the acrylics and the acrylic enamel (housepaint).  This, to me, represents the passing of time and, perhaps on a personal level, my aging.  As you age, you seem to disappear. You shrink, your youthfulness erodes, and sales assistants ignore you.

Maybe it sounds gloomy, but hey, what about the colour?  Warm, optimistic, slightly subdued.... just like me. LOL (I can hear you people who really know me, giggling).

Next we have a depiction of my post on March 1st.  It must be finished... I've signed it.

RUST IS THE NEW BLACK - 30 x 30cm mixed media on canvas

This includes rust-dyed fabric, odd rusty bits of metal that I got at the recycling depot, and acrylic paint.  I wanted a 'graffiti on old walls' feel.  Did I get it?

Of course, I occasionally revert to old habits, artistically speaking, and you might recognise the subject of the following work that is actually on the easel.

At the moment it is simply underpainting and will undoubtedly change enormously before the signature goes on, but you get the picture.  Poor creature patiently waiting for... something?... rain perhaps, although we are getting plenty of that at present.

As you can see my easel has been well used.  Hope that continues.


  1. Well, I love your painting of the people fading into the background; my sentiments exactly.
    Yes, looks like graffiti; very effective!
    The cow needs a buddy.:>)

  2. I too really like your people one, made me want to rush to the paints and do something similar, and the rust one is fabulous.

  3. You have been busy and I really like them. Love that rusty piece; a little rusty metal never hurt anyone and it totally looks like graffiti on a wall. I'm liking the looks of the first one of fading people too and all that 'hidden' meaning is very perceptive. Can't wait to see it when it's signed. And the cow - not my fave since I'm not one for animal paintings, but I can appreciate the talent and patience to get it right!

  4. "Rust is the new black." Man, I wish I'd thought of that! Clever you.

  5. Oh Jo, these are gorgeous! Lovely colors and textures, Bravo! xo

  6. Hi Jo, I really like your fading people as well! I actually feel like one of them at the moment and I'm hearing ya re-sales assistants :-)

  7. I love the first two! Thanks for showing us you WIP. I find them inspiring.

  8. It's nice to see another artist who works in a multiple of mediums!

  9. Love these Jo - but especially Signs of the Times is calling out to me =)

  10. Wonderful and beautiful colors and structures. Love the crackles. And specially the disappearing people into the background, marvelous.
    Lovely greet

  11. Jo, all of these are wonderful!

  12. Absolutely stunning. My favorite is the middle one, I love the rusty elements on it and I absolutely love the colours

  13. not only are you a prolific and fine artist...I also admire how you name your creations too Jo!

    "Sign of the Times" really speaks to hit the nail on the head...I have some stories but I will refrain ;)

    Your "Rust is the New Black" is deliciously textured and I agree...I have always had a 'thing' for rust and black ;)

    I have a brand new easel...taking baby steps far I am admiring the beautiful that I have confessed I guess I'd better put it to use :)

    Enjoyed this post very much...can you tell

  14. I can definitely relate to the fading people.
    Beautiful, strong composition.
    I always enjoy looking at your work.

  15. These are all gorgeous, but I especially love your 'RUST IS THE NEW BLACK'... what a fantastic combination of colors, textures and rusty bits. Simply brilliant!

  16. These are wonderful! I love Signs of the Times! The punches of color really speak to me~ Beautiful work!