Friday, May 25, 2012

International Collage Exchange

You might remember that the beginning of my year was spent collaging, and collaging some more. Most were intended for the 14th International Collage Exchange, or 'ICE', although I kept some for various reasons.

The twelve I received in exchange came from all over, though mostly the USA. Many were from VERY well established artists, but I am delighted to add all to my collection. Here they are:

Untitled - Dale Copeland, NZ

Going Places - Linda Wood Feldman,  New Hampshire, USA

Golden Times - Julie Cannon, NZ

Another Perspective 4 - Cordula Kagemann, Germany

Untitled - Adelia Chuburu, Florida USA

Which Way? - Claire Marcus, Massachusetts USA

Marie's Dress Shop - Elissa Gordon , Akansa USA

Inner City - Louise Stern, NY USA

Letter to E E - John Sager, Texas USA

Generalities - Joan Schulze, USA

Do We Have Time For Ideals? - Elaine Johnson, Canada
(sorry no link)

Oval 3 - Valerie Arntzen, BC, Canada
I also bought the following one, before I knew that I already had one of Elaine's in the swap. Not that it would have made any difference as I LOVE the way she has used the inside of business envelopes to construct this.

Cock Of The Walk - Elaine Johnson
Perhaps these will inspire any collagists out there in blogland to sign up for next year.  Go on.... I dare you.


  1. These are AMAZING!!! (and yes, I love using the inside of used envelopes...)
    Wish I could pick a favorite but they are all so different. year, huh? ;-)


  2. Jo - these are wonderful! Great collection, I think that dress shop reminds me of the old Psycho movie with that mummy in the attic... interesting how birds were in a few too & like you I've gotta love the clever use of something that usually ends up in the trash - very clever 'cock on walk'!

  3. I'd definitely love to sign up. How do I do that? I think my favorite is the one with the crows.

  4. oh my gosh, so much beautiful workk all in one post!
    Ihave started a new blog, When the bough breaks has been closed, I had a terrible virus and my comuter crashed, I hoped you might come visit me , I had to start brand new so I joined your blog again, I won't miss any of your posts, have a wonderful weekend~!

  5. What a fab variety of styles and such a delight to own these. I'll definitely try to participate next year so have bookmarked the site so I'll get the notification. I think I saw it earlier in the year when you shared that you were participating, but I let my insecurities win. Not next year!

  6. A great collection, Jo - good fun - and thanks for your support on Friday night XX

  7. What a fabulous collection, so many different styles.

  8. that IS a fantastic array of collage creativity

    I just happen to have a 'thing' for saving the security envelopes...soo many great colors and patterns in those!

    very nice of you to go through the extra work of embedding links for us too Jo

    thank you always!

  9. What a wonderful selection and wonderful collection. It is truly amazing how different artists interpret collage!

  10. Wow! These are very cool. How wonderful to add so many beauties to your collection. There is a lot of inspiration there.

  11. What a really varied and wonderful collection of collages you have, I really like the one you bought too!