Saturday, May 19, 2012


It is part of an artist's lot to be rejected every so often. You could say it's character-building, but mostly it's just disappointing. However, when I enter a really prestigious show, such as the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, that attracts professional artists from all over the country it is only to be expected.  They receive hundreds of entries from which only 40 are chosen. It wont stop me from trying every year tho'.

The Patterned Landscape - Landsborough Farms
90 x 90 cm acrylics on canvas
I had to submit, by email, three works from which the panel would choose one (if selected as a finalist).  I had hoped the above would pass muster, submitted with the two below.

The Passage II
90 x 90 cm acrylics on canvas

Arley Farm
60 x 60 cm acrylics on canvas
Bad luck this time, but I always believe that my next painting will be my best.

These works are part of an ongoing fascination with aerial perpective.  My next ones will probably get a little more abstract as that's the way I'm heading.


  1. Love these and sorry one was not chosen.
    I have had plenty of the rejection letters, and then acceptance too.
    It all balances out in the end. Sometimes I try and scope out what the panel is looking for before entering......saves a few $$$.
    Cool pieces, great color.


  2. Passage II is my favorite - so liquid! Thanks for sharing,

  3. I absolutely love these, Jo! The Patterned Landscape - Landsborough Farms' really grabbed my attention, but they are each very appealing. What a disappointment that one of your lovely trio was not accepted for the show (I, too, am familiar with the sting of rejection for exhibitions, and it is never easy - no matter how aware one is of the unfavorable odds). I hope these pieces eventually make it into the world to be shared with others...but for now, I'm sure they will inspire those who see them here.

  4. Hi Jo. I love the perspective of these paintings and the grid work of Landsborough Farms! I know the disappointment stings but your attitude is fabulous! Just keep going forward.

  5. Hang in there Jo ... Competitions are not always the best benchmark for your work!

  6. You have the best attitude! YOUR arial paintings are beautiful - love all the texture and color - I think they are fabulous, xo!

  7. I think its their loss for not choosing your work, its stunning, I also love the sounds of whats to come,
    I have had to start a new blog , I hope you will find me, I have called it when the bough broke!

  8. You submitted beautiful artworks; strong colorful compositions.
    I love the treatment of your blues in The Passage II.

  9. How disappointing that one of your paintings did not get through. It all depends on the judges. Another group might have chosen your work. I do love the aerial perspective and look forward to seeing your more abstract pieces.

  10. I know exactly how you feel Jo, me too! Boohoo! Always next year we shall try again :-)

  11. I absolutely love the concept and execution of these paintings! That first one is a real winner in my eyes. You know I've loved these - I've yet to try submitting anything for publication or in any sort of juried thing, and I so admire that you keep trying!

  12. important to not connect rejection with failure
    I do admire you for putting yourself 'out there' Jo

    Your artwork fascinates and delights me and each of these pieces are no exception!

    and finally there really is no accounting for taste ...
    WHO ARE those judges anyway!