Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Personal Victory

Di, me, and Richard... at the finish line
Somebody said..."Let's do the Bridge to Brisbane this year!".  It's never occurred to Richard and I, both in our late 60s (and never particularly 'sporty') to participate in this annual charity run, either the Sydney 'City To Surf' or the Brisbane event.  However we agreed to join the walkers rather than the runners for this 10 km event.

It meant getting out of bed at 2 am to be picked up by Peter and Trish at 3, in the cold and dark.

The group met at the Brisbane Showground to get our numbers etc. (still dark, and freezing!)

We were then shuttled by bus to the start line.

Richard, Peter, and me
There were 60, 000 starters!!!  I've never seen so many people in one place.  Each year they discard their coats etc., and leave them for charity.  Not me, mine went in R's backpack.

It was so well organised.  Along the route were water stations, banks of porta-loos, musicians playing, and other encouraging groups.

Vicki & I join the Channel 9 cheer squad
Vicki, Brenden, and me
The cups were discarded along the way...they should have rubbish bins!

Vicki and Brenden, newlyweds, found each kilometre a reason to celebrate.

Had to have a group photo at the halfway mark.

Trish (Peter behind), Tony, Nelly, Brenden, Vicki, Di, Richard (me behind), Jude, and Lee
Richard and I had no trouble keeping up with the 'kids' (all 20 years younger), perhaps because we walk each day.

It was fun, all for an excellent cause (Kids Helpline), the weather was perfect, and 'maybe' we'll do it again next year.... but only if someone ELSE suggests it.


  1. good for you!! What an inspiration, wonderful photos!!!

  2. Congratulations! How fantastic to be in good shape!

  3. Congrats. What an accomplishment. Oh you are in good shape! xox

  4. well done Jo - !!! Fantastic job!!

  5. WOW!!!! WELL DONE!!!!! wow!! i dunno if i can do it ... you are so INSPIRING!!

  6. kudos to you and Richard on your accomplishment and for staying healthy and keeping fit. You sure look like you enjoyed the race!

  7. Jo, this is wonderful!! It looks like you had a great time-thank you for the inspiration.

  8. Good for you young lady! What a great event and looks like everyone actually had a good time. The worst part would be the 2am rise and shine part but you survived even that!

  9. Congratualtions! That is quite an accomplishment at ANY age!

  10. ah that's brilliant JO...yay you...this really puts a smile on my face Lady!

    your photos are brilliant along with your narrative (have to laugh at all of the planning and nowhere to toss the paper cups!)

    have a great weekend!

  11. Jo, this is really inspiring. We do a charity walk in November, and we always find it exciting, fun, satisfying. You guys look great in these photos and it looks like it was really rewarding!

  12. Congratulations. I am in awe of your ability. I used to walk at least five miles a day, but now if I were to walk even one block I'd probably be tired and want to come home. Good for you. Your being fit and trim makes it all so worthwhile, and for a worthy cause, too.

  13. I have never done a charity walk. You have inspired me.

  14. you guys are just toooooo fit,especially after the Euro bugs you brought back OR were they Aussie bugs you spread around Europe ??????

  15. You have the most wonderful photos to commemmorate the experience!