Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blue ATCs

Art Trading Cards are so addictive.  While waiting for inspiration, paint to dry, or between exhibitions,  I make these small cards, 2 1/2" x 3.5".  Mostly collage, I usually make them for a challenge.  This time it's blue ATCs for ArtChix.

Time Warp

Button Up

Is It A Dream?


Rest And You Rust

Shine On

It's all brain mileage.  The photos look a little washed out, perhaps it's my scanner?


  1. These are just delightful! I keep meaning to add them to my repetoire and keep forgetting. I still have the sites you recommended before and have even registered at one or two and then don't follow through. I have a stack of cards on my desk and guess I need to pull them closer so I actually notice them - I love the idea of using these little gems as a warm up exercise. I see some mini collages in my future :) BTW, thanks for the encouraging remarks - it means a lot coming from you!

  2. Wow, Jo. I love the time warp. I may have to "steal" err, borrow that idea for a page in my Time AB. That was one I didn't even think about.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have not been a very good blogger lately and I appreciate that you stopped by and put me to shame. Sadly, I can't leave comments on your blog unless I go through my translator. I have no idea why, but it started in late November.

    I love all your ATCs. I really must get back to making a few of them. I have forgotten how addictive they can be. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great little projects, Jo - quirky and lots of fun

  4. Oh I love time warp too.......and rust rust rust....what fun. I am not into atc's and never really have been. I find it hard to work small but you - most amazing good fun. xox

  5. these are fantastic Jo!!! You have me SO tempted to sign up, but I have to be strong-I've got so much on my plate right now as it is.

  6. These are really nice. I like the rust warning!
    our work scanner makes things blanche out. and it's a laser!
    the little epson inkjet I have at home makes amazing scans.
    not sure what the deal is, but it can be really frustrating.

  7. Nice ATC series, Jo! ATCs are a such a great artistic exercise.

  8. Hi Jo I found you from the list on the postcard swap. I loved looking at all of your art. I am so impressed. gives me lots of ideas.

  9. great bunch of cards - ouch is my favorite.

  10. Your blue ATCs are all fun ... I am such a fan of blue!
    it has been awhile since I've made any ATCs

    thank you for stopping by my Magpie's Nest ... Robin's eggs come in so many shades of blue too :)