Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On The Easel - Works in Progress

There are always several projects going on at once in my studio.  As well as the more frivolous stuff, I am usually working on larger paintings.

Following are on the easel at present.  Bear in mind that these are UNFINISHED works.

Send In The Clowns - a little more traditional than usual

Spring Hill - a mixed media work.
These will be completed sometime soon....I hope.


  1. It's so interesting seeing your work in other than abstract. Spring Hill is really appealing to me - the beach houses, hints of palm trees - I really like it!

  2. Love your colour palette in these Jo!! Especially love the Spring Hill one - !! Cheers!!

  3. Wow color, these are bringing me joy. xox

  4. these are fantastic already Jo-so vibrant! Can't wait to see them finished.

  5. Oh these look like fun, such wonderful colors, looking forward to seeing them develop

  6. You know I love your work, but clowns not so miuch . . . they always freak me out a little! LOL!
    Thanks for the WIP peek; always find it interesting.

  7. wonderful seeing your works in progress
    Your "Spring Hill" really speaks to me = gorgeous Jo!

  8. Jo, with amusement I read the words "frivolous stuff". Well, what I see here are vibrant colours, confident brush strokes, and pure joy in painting. Keep it up, Jo!

  9. Hi JM - I know exactly what you mean by having a heap on things on the go - busy but good busy. Keep creating good stuff. B