Friday, April 18, 2014


Each year, around this time, Kat Sloma hosts an international postcard swap.  Kat is a fabulous American photographer, and most of the participants are also photographers, but there are some artists who join in with postcards of their work....asI do.

You send 5 postcards (commercially printed ones) and get back 5 from other people, and one from Kat herself.

This year I received:

Kat Sloma

Paula Bogdan

Debbie Bailey

Darlene Cunnup

Amanda Bradley (sorry, no link)


All interesting in their own right.

I sent:

On The Line
Signs Of The Times
Still Life

It's all a worthwhile annual exercise.


  1. Love your cards, especially the blue flowers :) And you got some beauties in return!
    Lovely to meet you through the swap and Happy Easter from England x

  2. Hey's such fun to hop around to see all the cards sent and received! Still looking for where mine ended up this year! I can almost feel the texture on your Signs Of The Times. Aloha

  3. I love your postcards, really creative! and you got some nice ones in return!

  4. The postcards you sent are wonderful. This is my first year in the swap, will do it again. So much good art to see on the blog hop.

  5. Your art is beautiful and you got some great cards, too.

  6. Your art and cards are marvelous. You received some interesting cards, too. I'm enjoying the Blog Hop -- seeing all the different cards. Fun! Looking forward to next year already.

  7. really fabulous post cards Jo! I love yours, especially "Signs of the Times.

  8. You sent out a lovely group and I especially love the one "on the line."
    And you got some gems in return. That taffy one looks tempting.

  9. You have a wonderful collection of cards.

  10. Your art is fabulous! And what lovely pieces you received as well. See you next year!

  11. I love all your cards, but On the Line spoke to me. BTW, I'm off to see a still life exhibit today that includes a Cezanne on loan from the Smithsonian. So, I like your still life, too.

    You also got some lovely cards, but none compare to yours. Your art always makes me smile.

  12. It is so much fun seeing all the art that was liberated! You got a great set.

  13. Jo your cards are so lovely! Love them! I hope to see you in the swap next year, and maybe even luck out with one of your pieces in my mailbox! Happy creative 2014 to you :)

  14. great art coming in and great art going out!

  15. I love the cards you received. I haven't seen any of those cards except the one from Kat of course. Your artwork is just beautiful and I'm sure they made some very special people happy! See you next year!