Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art vs Craft

The Art vs Craft debate has been going on forever and is not likely to be resolved in this blog. That said, in my world 'Art' is an intellectually demanding obsession.  My brain is often crowded with ideas for new paintings, collages, etc. My bookcase is overflowing with art books (and I can't stop buying them). My 'computer time' is spent visiting artists and galleries all over the world.

When I begin to suffer from art overload I turn to my hobby - beaded jewellery - for respite.  This I would class as 'Craft'.  It began simply as a desire to have jewellery to match my clothes, and to do it cheaply.  Over the past two years or so it has become addictive.  I collect interesting beads wherever I go and am often asked to make something to match a new outfit for a friend.  My 'beads' have been in several local galleries prior to their closure (a sign of the times... or a comment on my work?), but mostly I make for myself.

Citrine and carnelian

Onyx and silver

I particularly like Thai hill tribe silver, gemstones, and beads made by glass artists.  It is such a delight to be browsing through my collection looking for the right beads to suit a particular project.  Yes, THIS is a hobby.

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