Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mixed Media/Collage

While I love the prospect of dragging luscious paint over large canvases, small mixed media works are such fun to do. There is a much more 'playful' thing going on when you move bits of paper, found objects, etc., around a small space.  Finding a combination that resonates is not always as easy as it looks... but the journey is absorbing and taps into the subconscious more readily (for me anyway) than painting does.

Sun Prince (sold)

Out Of Time

There are usually several projects going on at one time in my studio.  This is a great help when one hits a creative 'block' with a painting.  Changing to another project gives the brain a rest, and often inspiration hits unexpectedly.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Your work is lovely-such great color choices, and I agree with your philosophy of working on more than one piece at a time--I do that too and it helps keep my sane (more or less).

  2. So true. I've often got several projects going on at the same time. I can only work on something when I feel inspired to do so. I could be immersed in a drawing that suddenly inspires a necklace or head bandeau- so off I go to start work on it. A never ending story but so very rewarding. Have a lovely weekend Jo x

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  4. Thanks for your comments Skizo, Jane, and Alisa. I really enjoy my time in the studio, but working on several projects at once can also get a little frenetic at times.