Sunday, February 13, 2011

Commissioned Earrings

At a recent lunch with some 'arty' friends Aileen was wearing a wonderfully coloured dress.  Her problem was, she said, that she could not find any earrings to match.  Of course, not one to avoid a challenge, I proceeded to photograph part of the garment with a view to making a match.

The gorgeous fabric

Such beautiful colours!  Could I possibly find anything among my treasures to match this? ..... of course I could.  My collection of beads is quite comprehensive.  Aileen's brief was "you know what I like, something a bit flamboyant".  The result was -

The orange and green is unakite, aventurine, and agate, with onyx and black glass, hot pink miracle beads, and Thai  Hill Tribe silver cone.  She loved them, fortunately, and I was a very happy 'beader'. 


  1. They're perfect! I love the colours! x

  2. Oh these are spectacular!! and very unique! What a lucky friend you have.

  3. Woopy!! for the colours, they look great, as the others do in your previous post.

  4. Alisa, Jane, & Mieke
    Thanks for your feedback. It's nice to know that people enjoy what I make... keeps me going.