Friday, February 18, 2011

Evolution of an abstract painting

The annual Sunshine Coast Blues Festival always includes an art exhibition and sale.  The brief is simple... a 'blues' related painting as widely interpreted as you like.

This caused me to consider an abstract work so, the thinking cap duly placed, I brainstormed the word 'blues' in conjunction with all sorts of scenarios.

I began with my canvas covered with a background of assorted 'blues' rolled, dripped, doodled and then added some dashes of red. 

Not entirely happy with this 'patterned' piece I needed to get some 'shapes' in there.  More blue in various tones certainly helped, with a little scratching here and there, and "A Little Red With My Blues" was born.

As the painting remains unsold it will probably evolve more.  What do you think?


  1. I actually really like both versions Jo. I am no expert with the medium of paint, I can see stillness in the first version and great movement in the later. A painting can hold great beauty even if it remains unsold, As I see it, the right person has yet to find it.

  2. I think it's wonderful! I especially like the second view. It has such lovely depth and atmosphere.

  3. Thanks Kim & Jane. What one likes in art is a completely subjective thing and I am happy to strike a chord with you both. It still might evolve a little.

  4. hello Jo :)
    thank you so much for your lovely comment on my 200 stories post :)

    "Do you think a senior citizen could wear those gorgeous errings?"
    awwww.... dun say that!! you look gorgeous in your profile picture! of course you can wear them!!

    your art is amazing! love the blues and the energy of both the pieces. i would agree with what Kim said. well ... whether it will evolve some more, i dunno. i dun think anyone knows actually. i believe that in things like art, a "spirit" resides within. it will "call" to its creator if it needs movement. and it can be now or years later, who knows :)

  5. Thank you Luthien. Of course the camera DOES lie, often. Hope you check out my portfolio which is evolving as I find time to attend to it. Soon will put some ceramics in, although I've recently given pottery up in favour of painting.