Saturday, March 26, 2011

From Photo to Easel

These days most of my work is done in the studio. Trekking around the countryside carrying masses of heavy art stuff is physically much too difficult.  Drawing al fresco is something that can be continued, and should be, ad infinitum.

Painting inspiration is sourced from the many 1000's of photos I take.  Not all of them are good, but even bad photos might just contain something catchy.... a composition, a range of colours, a connection between people. Like this shot, a snap taken at a birthday party.

A little alteration here and there, a little more expressive colour, and hey presto!

Of course many 'artists' pooh-pooh working from photos, but you still have to make lots of informed decisions to translate a photo to canvas with any degree of individuality.

I regard this as successful as it sold within a few hours of exhibiting, so someone liked it enough to open their wallet.

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  1. congrads on your sale, it looks great, no wonder you sold it so quick.