Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marat Revisited

In the course of 'playing' with collage I have been revisiting some favourite 'Old Masters' as a learning exercise.  It is not a new thing, copying famous works. Students of painting have been doing this for centuries.

The Death of Marat is a 1793 painting in the Neoclassic style by Jacques-Louis David and is one of the most famous images of the French Revolution. This work refers to the assassination of radical journalist Jean-Paul Marat, killed on the 13th of July 1793 by Charlotte Corday, a French Revolutionary figure from a minor aristocratic family. Corday, who blamed Marat for the September Massacres and feared an all out civil war, claimed "I killed one man to save 100,000."

My image, by the nature of collage, is much less detailed.  I hope that it captures some of the feeling of the original.  I regard it as a homage to Jacques-Louis David

Marat Revisited

Practising art is, as stated, constant practising, in the hope to one day be able to say with conviction... "I AM an artist".

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