Sunday, March 13, 2011

Matchbox Collage

I came across collage site ( in my travels across the ether.  This group of collagists posts a challenge each week and I couldn't resist this one.

The brief was to collage the inside of a matchbox!  Too good to pass up. My efforts are not too neat, but hey, neatness is not my forte these days.

"Eye In The Sky"
My matchbox was 5 x 3 cm, very tiny, and might not even be published on their blog, but I felt compelled to give it a go.

Last night I went to Fiona & Barry's new exhibition opening at a lovely, intimate little gallery at "Town Of Seaside" (romantic name) on the Sunshine Coast.  When I sort through the umpteen photos I took, I'll post some next blog.


  1. WOW Jo, you have captured so much detail in such a small space. I love the concept as well. Looking forward to the images, was a great opening!

  2. yea... i was going to say the same thing! how did you manage to put so much in such a tiny space? if you didnt mention it i would have thought it was a canvas or something.

    ooo... looking forward to the pics of the opening! pity i live soooooooo far away :(