Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Collage: Crime Scene

This week's 'Scrapiteria' theme is ... 'Scene Of The Crime'.  The collages submitted to this group must be cut and paste only, no mixed media, no digital images.  While this is not strictly my thing, I love a challenge and find the weekly theme exercises my creative brain.  Exercise is always a good thing.

My images are usually cut from glossy magazines that are past their prime.  National Geographic is a wonderful source of obscure images. Perhaps there is copyright attached to some of the photos, but they are so cropped, altered, and rearranged that they could generally not be recognised and so avoid that problem. 

My collage this week is a simple one.

The Maccas Murder or The Crime That Saved The World

I rather liked the message myself. Hope other people find it appealing.


  1. yes, I like the Maccas murder idea Jo - have only eaten one in my life - that was enough!!

  2. Thanks Noela. Collages are fun, but it's difficult to restrain myself from adding some paint.