Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creative workshop

Had a fabulous weekend abandoning myself to creative play, at a workshop run by Aileen Shaw.  Aileen is a very talented local artist with infectious enthusiasm for life and all things 'art'.

Aileen demonstrating
Aileen is a born teacher and her workshops produce enormous results from everyone, no matter how experienced a painter. As yet I haven't completed all the work I began (seven paintings), nor have I photographed the completed works.  However, here are two stages of one 'work in progress'.

This was the initial phase of establishing a composition using lots of paint in the colours of choice.  I don't know why I particularly chose this palette, other than I wanted a 'bright' base to work on.

The next phase involved 'mark making' and texture. Line work, pattern, splashing, and adding some tonal differences to already established areas, has this work well on the way.

Am now 'tweaking' the painting to bring it to a final result that I'm happy with.  Once complete I'll post it on this blog.

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  1. wow! is that not done yet? it looks so good already! but i'll wait and see what "after tweak" would be like :) i'm sure it's gonna be breathtaking!