Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Summer Challenge!

Doing these 'summer' challenges is very therapeutic. While I'm sitting here shivering, you lucky people on the other side of the world are swimming and picnicking.

Well, we do have those things  when YOU are knee deep in snow. Note the following...

R soaking up some sun.

However, for the Inspiration Avenue 'Summer' challenge I have done this....

"Absorbed" - Photoshop

...and this...

Yellow mother of pearl, and glass pearls... summery colours.

Might still do a 'summer' collage if I can find some extra time.


  1. The image is lovely and the earings look like the sun itself

  2. Absorbed is wonderful; I love the feeling your work invites~ This is how I feel in nature. Your earrings are like lemon drops, so pretty! xXx

  3. Yeah well, we'll be watching and loving your summer art as we're in the depths of winter..... Like the photoshop pic; it's really a fun result. And the earrings are about as sunny as you can get.

    Jo, thanks for continuing to check in on my blog and seeing my fledgling efforts for the various prompts and parties we both participate in - you're always so good to comment.

  4. Janine, Ella, and Terrie... I'm delighted to see the number of people who comment on my blogs. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  5. Hi Jo, nice! I love your photoshop with the blurred edges reminds me of a warm hot summer's haze.

  6. I just love your little girl!!!

  7. Kim... Nice to hear from you you busy girl.
    Peggy... She seems to have struck a chord with a few of you. I might turn her into a painting.

  8. The little girl playing at the water's edge is one of my favorites as well! Just says "summer" to me. I love your summery earrings too.

  9. I can see you still remember summer...the photo and the earrings both shine! xo

  10. Mag... Sounds like I will HAVE to turn her into a painting. Thanks.

    Lisa.. I can not only remember it, am desperate for it to return. xo back.