Friday, June 10, 2011

Exploded Collages

Poor Jean Tock, an American participant in the 13th International Collage Exchange this year received an empty torn envelope via US mail, with apologies from the postal service.  Disaster!!! She was sooo disappointed .  Dale Copeland, who organises the annual event from New Zealand, sent out a distress call to all those whose collages had been in that envelope.  She hoped we all would send replacements, but wasn't pushing the issue.  Of course I came to the party, putting myself in the recipient's shoes. How could I not?

Thus came about "Postcard From Little Mountain" specially made for Jean.  Hope it's at least as good as the one she was supposed to receive.

It's great to be part of this amazing network of artists who communicate via the net.


  1. oh poor Jean, but lucky Jean all the same - love your collage ..e^)

  2. sad turned into glad, wonderful :)

  3. This is just stunning! And I agree - what a great community we have here. Thanks for sharing, xo

  4. Erika... I think Jean will end up with more than the 'dozen' collages, there's been such a response to the distress call.

    Jeane... It IS wonderful. There's a great big caring community out there.

    Kristin... Great to have you visit Kristin.