Monday, June 13, 2011

ICE Collages

At last!  Have found time to photograph the collages I received in the 13th International Collage Exchange

The whole exercise was VERY rewarding.  Not financially of course, as only one of the works I submitted was available for sale (and it didn't sell).  However, I received works back from all over the world and it has set up a dialogue between me and those artists.  LOVE this modern technology!

My photos might not do them justice, as it is not really my forte.

Noela Mills - QLD, Australia

Mary Ellen Long - Colorado, USA

Csaba Pal - Budapest, Hungary

Sandy Styer - New Jersey, USA

Carol Staub - NY USA

Laura Lein-Svencner - Illinois, USA

Annais Allan - New Zealand

Richard Fulham - QC, Canada

L.M.Noonan - QLD, Australia

Shirley McElhaney - Ohio, USA

Jean Tock - New York, USA

Jeanne Mankinen - California, USA

Margaret Conte - Florida, USA

Bonnie J Allan - Ohio, USA

Bruce Smith - Texas, USA

As you can see it is a mixed bunch of individual techniques.  Mostly from the USA, as this is where the whole project began, although now it is organised by Dale Copeland in New Zealand.

I received more than my allotted 12 in return as I sent more.  I work in series, and sometimes find it hard to break those up.

Am already working on next year's collage idea... Anyone else out there want to join me in the 14th Annual Exchange?  Just contact Dale at the link above.


  1. Hi Jo,
    What a wonderful collection of styles, and a fun project!

  2. Lucky you having all those lovely collages.

  3. Jane... am hooked, it's wonderful to have work from all over the world in my collection.

    Uta... Aren't I? ... and one from Laura among them.

  4. oh WOW!!! did you get ALL of those?? what a wonderful array of collection from artists all over the world! they would themselves make a very meaningful collage (there must a canvas huge enough to contain them all :)

  5. Hi Luthien.. They would make a HUGE collage, but alas no space to hang them. At present they are in a folder specially for them, that I can take out and peruse whenever I'm feeling uninspired.