Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Abstract Series.... First Image

Am off on a new tack (again).  This time it is for the Rosebed Street Gallery at Eudlo that is having a "Show Us Your Smalls" exhibition pre-Christmas.  A great idea, with each selected artist submitting 6 - 8 paintings that will be shown one at a time and, when sold, replaced by another as the show goes on.

Of course the concept necessitates that the size and format of each remain constant for ease of replacement, so I've limited myself to 8" x 10" (inches!... how backward am I?). 

I have done many layers of paint on acid free cartridge paper that was first gessoed several times on each side.  These pieces are then glued to the wide edge canvas (also gessoed several times) then varnished a few times to ensure that they are well sealed.  These will not be framed although the purchaser (if there is one....or two...hopefully) is then free to frame...or not.

The first of this series.....

Am already up to number three, but no photos yet.


  1. Lovely! I think these will fly off the wall ...e^)

  2. wow, very cool, and beautiful not cool in tempes though,, looks hot hot to me!

  3. Kool Jo! Looking great!!! I'm also exhibiting in this one - I made a couple of assemblages up yesterday yet to blog about them, looking forward in exhibiting together :-)

  4. I must admit I am not usually drawn to abstract art UNTIL lately that is...this piece is WOW!

    it must be fun to watch you work!

  5. Brilliant, Jo! Love the rich colors and the reds in it.
    I've just started to follow your blog.

    Hugs, Gaby

  6. Jo! This is awesome! It's a great concept and will hopefully be a lot of fun - for both you and your buyers ;) Beautiful job, Bravo! xoxo

  7. Oh my-- this is a powerful piece.. the colors are so bold and dynamic and rich.

  8. I really like this. Bold. And congratulations on your $200 win!!! Wahey :)
    You can now market yourself as a prize-winning artist.

  9. Jo, this is gorgeous! and I love the idea of paper mounted on canvas.