Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mucking Around With Mixed Media

Am at last back in the studio and, as the post title says, mucking around woth mixed media.

Rain Over Red Hill

Along The Garden Path

Night Falls
Of course you'd never know that I'm very fond of colour would you?


  1. ooo, I love color too, and i love these!

  2. Not many things can top a good muck about, Jo.

  3. Each piece draws me in Jo!!!
    Your use of color is fantastic!

    Not sure if you heard me squeal from across the globe...your name was pulled from my Magpie's Nest Too hat...you are a winner! I am really tickled about that!!! and just happen to have your mailing address. I will get your book off to you this week :)

  4. And such a great combination of colours too!

  5. I love the boldness of colors and the variety of your patterns.

    You have a great way of using color in a very expressive manner.

  6. As always, Jo - wonderful paintings! No, you definitely don't love colours... These three are so classy again - beautiful textures, compositions and expressive colours!

  7. JM- I am really enjoying where you are going with your mucking around. B

  8. These are lovely! I think the first one speaks to me most, this time of year. November rain with the fall colors adds it's own magic spell!
    Thank you for visiting me and your kind words!
    It meant a lot to me, your view :D

  9. What an interesting trio. Each so different but so filled with great movement and use of color - my fave is the first; love those spatters!

  10. Ohhhh, love that color! Perks up the heart and soul, it does! :-)