Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Art Year begins... with a vengeance

I did promise myself that this year I would not commit to too many projects but I really do love a challenge.

Of course I've only done A Letter A week for one year so HAD to join up again for just one more.  With an ongoing interest in digital art I've chosen this medium for my first alphabet for the year.

The image might well change when the entire alphabet is completed, but at least I'm in the process.

My collaging is done for now (see previous collage posts on the side-bar), and I have a painting on the easel at last.  This is intended for either the Rotary ArtCoast exhibition or the Sunshine Coast Art Awards and is part of a series I call "Aloft", all semi-abstract landscapes from a birdseye view.

LANDSBOROUGH FARMS - work in progress

I've also committed to doing a photographic self-portrait challenge... one each month for 'Urban Muser'.  I'm hoping this challenge will cause me to consider my photos more carefully. This month the task is "A Piece Of Me",  so here goes for a VERY amateur photographer. 

I thought I'd kick off with a real depiction of the beginning of the process, actually taking a photo (in the mirror).

Naturally I mucked around with it in Photoshop.  Hope that's acceptable within the guidelines.  After all, a photo is there to be 'artified' isn't it?  (I expect some flak re this from REAL photographers)

So...... that's two challenges on top of my International Collage Exchange and 2012 COMA shows (probably four this year), plus general painting awards and exhibitions... too much you think?  Probably, but life's too short to waste.


  1. busy busy best way to be, beautiful work,

  2. My my my that is going to keep you busy but that's good, right!
    It all looks great and sounds like fun!

  3. I find art challenges irresistible too! I keep trying to reduce how many I join but then I get sucked back in. What I'm now realizing is that I don't have to participate in all of them EVERY week but pick and choose when the topic or method speaks to me. A couple of exceptions are year long commitments I've made to myself like the ALAW.... but all in all, they're SO much fun. BTW I like the direction of your birds eye painting and good luck with the photo challenge - I'm also doing a 52project but not just focused on selfies. Look forward to seeing your ongoing exploration.

  4. Wow Jo you are busy! Thats what I call starting the New Year right! More power to you and you have inspired me to get going!

  5. I love those letters.
    Beautiful lines and expressive colors.

  6. Well, as a "real" photographer, I say, art away, lady! There are no rules. Blend, fold, spindle, mutilate to your heart's content and just see what happens. Love the composition in your mirror shot with your fingers leading our eye up to the camera lens.

  7. i'm with carol--edit and process your little heart out. it's all about your creative spirit and there are certainly no rules against that at {in the picture}! thanks so much for linking up today.

  8. JM _ like what your doing with ALAW 2012. B

  9. I love the photoshop treatment you gave this!

  10. i like it! it has an illustrative effect. i also used my hands for my selfie.