Monday, January 2, 2012

A Letter A Week 2012 - Intro

 Another ALAW  year has begun and my brain is in overdrive. This is this year's brief from Fiona:

"The aim is simply to:Write/create a letter a week,  creating 52 letters Which must
form 2   x   alphabets (that is not 52 x the letter ‘A’) By the end of 2012.

The main rule is that the letter must be presented on a piece of material measuring
 7cm x 7cm – this helps keep a sense of uniformity amongst the pieces which helps
with exhibitioncoherence. The other criterion for 2012 is that ONEalphabet has to
meet the criteria of "Going dotty – polka dots and pixels" 

Last year was my first ALAW and I so enjoyed the challenge that I'm back again to give it another go.

In 2011 my first choice of tools to work with was collage/mixed media...

1st alphabet 2011
 I deviated a little from this with my second alphabet, and planned to make a mini-book.  My fondness for bending the rules a little made me interpret the 'letter a week' thing literally and I actually wrote a letter for each week, using the relevant 'letter' each time.  The 'letters' were printed on vellum, attached with sealing wax to ink-splattered watercolour paper.

Well, I finished the signatures but still haven't sewn them together.  I will, give me a little time.

This year's 'dotty' thingy might mean pixels to me, then again who knows what other inspiration might strike.

Thanks to Fiona there's a year of incredible creativity about to unfold on this site, and I can hardly wait for the show to begin.

If you want to see how creative people are, just visit last year's site:


  1. I left you a comment on the ALAW site but realized this might be more direct to you. I'm excited and a little overwhelmed trying to settle on a direction to go for my first alphabet effort - Yours are both so unusual and seeing what others did last year....well, it's a little intimidating. But I'm going to give it a go anyway.

    I see the individual letters are to be on 7cm squares. When I checked a conversion chart that makes it 2.8" ... does 2.75" work? Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Jo! I'll be watching! --Carol Leigh